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What is Batizado?

The Batizado (baptism) of Capoeira is quite simply the graduation ceremony. Baptism is only once, ie at the student's first graduation. The following graduations are called hereinafter; "troca de corda" (change of cord/belt). It is during these ceremonies that the student is evaluated by playing with one or more masters or teachers of Capoeira and therefore receives his Capoeira belt.


This spectacular event brings together, by the hundreds, spectators, students and masters of Capoeira from Canada, the United States and Brazil. Unique in its kind, this graduation ceremony allows to see the different styles of Capoeira, to see the masters playing and finally, to see the students perform at their best after so much perseverance and preparation. It is also a chance for the general public to learn about a new martial art or simply to be entertained by the beauty and energy that emanate from Capoeira.


The "Batizado" is a special day, filled with excitement and emotions for the students and those around them. For more information on our upcoming events, stay connected to the school's Facebook group.

2016 Kids Batizado  

November 20, 2016

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2016 Adults Batizado 

May 8, 2016


Video coming soon 

2015 Kids Batizado 

November 29, 2015


Video coming soon 

2015 Adults Batizado

May 31, 2015


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2014 Kids Batizado

December 13, 2014


Video coming soon

2014 Adults Batizado

March 17-22, 2014

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2013 Kids Batizado

June 1, 2013

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2012 Kids & Adults Batizado

December 1, 2012


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