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Workshops and Demonstrations

Introductory Capoeira workshops are perfect for entertaining young people in your school. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art combining combat movement, dance and acrobatics. In addition to the physical side, there is also the musical and cultural side. In the workshops, the basis of all these facets are introduced to young people.


Whether in elementary or secondary school, Capoeira has great success with children. It conveys life values ​​such as sharing, respect and discipline, self-confidence and the search for a healthy lifestyle. Our teachers are very educational and know how to adapt to all ages and group styles. Your young people will be able to learn a new culture and at the same time exert their excess energy!


In addition to interactive workshops, l'École d'arts Martiaux Brésiliens de Laval offers Capoeira demonstrations. In order to arouse interest in this new activity, young people are always impressed.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, concerning our prices, our availability or other questions!

Here are some of the schools where we have taught

Since 2011...

École Marc-Aurèle Fortin

École L'Harmonie

École St-Maxime

École Curé-Antoine-Labelle

École L'Envol

École St-Paul

École Pépin

École St-Justin

Collège Letendre

École Frenette

École Hubert-Maisonneuve

École Orée-des-Bois

École Ste-Dorothée

École St-François

École Mont-de-la-Salle

École Les Trois Soleils

École Saint-François D'Assise

École St-Julien

École Pierre-Laporte

Camp de jour Dumoulin

Camp de jour Genesis

Camp de jour Laval-Ouest

Camp de jour de l'Arc-en-ciel

Camp de jour Fabreville

Camp de jour Vimont

Camp de jour St-Jean-Baptiste

Camp de jour Auteuil

École De l'Équinoxe

École Des Lucioles

École René-Guénette

Verdun Elementary School

École Sainte-Marguerite

École Saint-Laurent Ouest

Camp de jour Pépin

École Sainte-Dorothée

École Demers

École Monseigneur Laval, 4vents

École St-Julien

École de l'Harmonie

École Jean-Piaget

École L'Escale

École Le Sentier

École des Primevères

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