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Équipe Capoeira Brasileira


Perninha Capoeira

Real name Vitor Silva Dos Santos, Perninha was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. From the age of 8, he started Capoeira, in the streets of Salvador. Perninha is the third generation of martial arts of his family. Passionate about this art which already runs in his veins, Vitor is baptized "Perninha" in homage to his father.

Perninha has worked in the hotel industry, such as Club Med, and performed for worldwide entertainment companies such as Cirque du Soleil in their productions La Nouba (Orlando, Florida) and KA (Las Vegas, Nevada). Perninha is often called upon to travel and divulge his art in several countries. 

Capoeira Laval

Équipe Capoeira Brasileira is now in Laval, thanks to Perninha Capoeira. The main objective of the school is to propagate and disseminate Capoeira throughout the city of Laval and around Canada. All classes not only have a beneficial influence on the physical, but also engage the mind. History, music, culture, traditions and language are taught from the first lessons, creating a balance between physical strength and mental power.

The friendly and fun atmosphere in the classes develop the confidence and personal esteem of each capoeirista. The students learn how to surround themselves with individuals and develop integrity, trust and respect for one another.


Learning Capoeira is much more than just learning "kicks" and awesome acrobatics. While these are important components of this martial art, our teaching transcends athletic and artistic skills by instilling in students human values that apply to everyday life.


Self-discipline and respect for oneself and others are values transmitted and encouraged in our classes.

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